Music Together

Bang that drum!

Have you heard of this program for kids? Well, if you have kids or you’re planning on it, you’ll want to check out this program in your area.  I just came back from three days of training in Oyster Bay, Long Island to become a Music Together registered teacher, and I couldn’t be more enthusiastic about the way this program is taught and run as a business.  Their research considers everything from pre-literacy and a kid’s first sounds, to including songs in different modes (not just major and minor but dorian, mixolydian, pentatonic, etc.), to helping kids achieve basic rhythmic competence and most of all allowing them to have fun with music!  And the songs are mostly original tunes that are inspiring, catchy, well recorded and well produced.  I have vague memories of attending Orff Schulwerk classes at UCLA when I was maybe 4 or 5 but this program advocates starting these classes as soon as 3 month!  Babes can barely hold their heads up, but they are already attempting to sing the dominant of the chord, the easiest pitch for a little one to intone.  Watch out music business, because the next generation is going to be smart, socially networked AND will be able to carry a tune!


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