Golden Festival 2011

Alternate title: How I Developed Tinnitus!

What Cheer? Brigade at Golden Fest 2011

Last night was The Golden Festival, sponsored by the Balkan band Zlatne Uste, which means “Golden Lips”.  It was held this year at the Grand Prospect Hall, an incredible Easter egg of a building with four floors of elegantly decorated and chandelier bedecked rooms complete with dance floors.  A big improvement over last year’s venue at the high school in Washington Heights, people were lined up and down the block to get in, dance, play and see old friends.  Who goes to Golden Fest? Everyone, young and old, fancy and casual, musicians and dancers, fans and volunteers.  The entire event is run by volunteers and for the cost of the ticket you also get middle eastern fare, deserts and midnight snacks.  Here is a photo of the Grand Ballroom where the What Cheer? Brigade is performing, and to see a video collage I shot on my eye-phone you can go here.

I found a well written article from Lucid Culture that explains the music of a few of these bands better than I could.  I woke up this morning with a certain throbbing in my ear drums.  Could it be the onslaught of tinnitus?  Note to self: remember not to dance in front to the tuba.


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  1. andrea white
    Jan 17, 2011 @ 01:33:36

    Yes, good note to self: no dancing in front of the tuba. But the venue looks and sounds splendid! golden indeed. what kind of dancing?
    Is the tinitis better?
    love, mom


    • blueunicornpress
      Jan 17, 2011 @ 14:46:39

      Hi Mom,
      yes the tinnitus is better today but yesterday my eardrums were still vibrating with the sounds from the festival and i had several very loud episodes of ringins, so I will hopefully remember my earplugs for music events from now on! Check out the clip I made from my iPhone and you can see people dancing, a lot of line/circle dancing, but also some couple dancing (reels and jigs, i think). Lots of fun! love you,


  2. Dad White
    Jan 17, 2011 @ 15:44:40

    Hi Mols, What a fun time you must have had, except for the tuba. Maybe we can go to something similar when we come to Brooklyn next month. Ear plugs definitely a good idea. Can’t wait to see you. It is really awful here, 80 degrees and clear with beautiful Santa Ana conditions and the birds think its summer. Come West young lady the water is fine. Love Ya. Dad


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