World Music Wednesdays on WBAI: Show #1

I had a great time DJing last week on WBAI for their World Music Wednesdays show.  As promised, I have the set list here for you just in case there was something that I forgot to back announce or in case you were spacing out when I announced the song and musician.  Overall it was a great experience, and the listeners who called in were thoughtful and appreciative with their comments.  I gave away tickets to see Zlatne Uste perform at the Hungarian House.  If you went, tell me how you liked it?  Did they knock your socks off or what!?  The Balkan scene in New York is second to none, I would have liked to have gone, but hopefully I can hear from you and find out all the dirt!

1.  AE (pronounced “Ash”)(Brooklyn)  2. Kotorino (Brooklyn) 3. George Brassens (France)  4. Emily Pinkerton (Pittsburgh) 5. Hawk and a Hacksaw (Albuquerque) 6. Zlatne Uste (NY) 7. Csokolom (Germany) 8. Lucho Bermudez y su Orquesta (Colombia) 9. Onuma Singsiri (Thailand) 10. Dimba Diangola (Luanda, Angola) 11. Quim Manuel o Espiritu Santo (Luanda, Angola)  12. Forro in the Dark (NY)  13. Habib Koite (Mali)  14. Olivier Mtukudzi (Zimbabwe)  15. Jali Muhammed Salieu (featured Subway Musician of the week! Also in the above photo at Union Square with his Kora)(Gambia) 16. The Mandingo Ambassadors (playing every Wednesday at Barbes in Park Slope) 17. Gato Loco (giving away tickets on show#2)(NY)  18. Chico Trujillo (Chile) 19. Afro Sound (Colombia) 20. Anti Social Music (NY) 21. Galeet Dardashti (NY)

The resulting Haiku from song titles for these artists (according to me) goes like this:

Slow Song Wind and Rain

Hero Cops Olympic Gold

Dia de Roda

Send in your own Haiku from this show or any show (doesn’t have to be in English) and post it here!  Here are some guidelines to help you write your Haiku: use 5-7-5 syllable pattern, use season words, use a two-part juxtapositional structure, and use primarily objective sensory imagery.  Go here to read more about haikus.


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